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Why Should I Invest in Sales Training?

Sales Training: Where Better Sales Begins

For all the new tactics and all the new technology, the foundation of building better sales teams continues to be in sales training. But while organizations have been training salespeople for just about as long as there have been salespeople to train, don’t be fooled into thinking there’s nothing new to see here. Modern sales training activities are becoming smarter, more detailed, and more accessible than ever.

At it’s most fundamental, sales training can be defined as any employee training an organization might deliver with the goal of helping its sales teams cultivate and close more and better sales.

In practice, most organizations deliver two types of sales training: Product and Process.

  • Product Sales Training covers the “what” — all the technical and practical knowledge your sales reps will need in order to best sell your products and services. From technical specifications and integration points to service level agreements and operating uptimes and more — these sessions work to ensure your sales team knows the details that will drive customers’ decisions.
  • Process Sales Training covers the “how” — both the institutional processes and philosophies that organize how your team should conduct the sales process. It’s a wide spectrum, and should cover everything from how to correctly use your CRM tools to the strategic approach you’d like your reps to take as they interact with customers — these sessions help ensure that every opportunity is handled appropriately, managed transparently, and conducted according to the company’s brand and values.
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